Foreign exchange data for January, 2016: Source: Foreign Exchange Statistics Agency, Department of Finance, Ministry of Finance website

RTE 1st January, 2017: The foreign exchange statistics agency, DFA, published the foreign exchange data published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry, Finance, for January. 

It showed that the foreign currency holdings of the country increased by 8.3% in the first six months of 2017 from February. 

According to the figures, the total foreign currency reserves of the Republic of Ireland rose by 1.7 billion. 

The Irish dollar was the foreign reserve currency of the EU and the UK, with a foreign currency reserve of 1.8 billion in January, the DFA said. 

However, the Irish dollar remained the most-visited foreign currency in the euro area with an average daily value of €2.17, followed by the Japanese yen at €1.99 and the British pound at €2, the agency said.

The foreign exchange rate is the official rate for a country’s currency.

The DFA also released figures for the trade deficit with Ireland.

The deficit with the Republic rose by 7.7% to €1,936.4 million. 

In the last six months, the deficit with Italy increased by 16.6% to EUR1.6 billion.