Why is the Dallas Cowboys trading for another quarterback?

NEW YORK — A deal to acquire quarterback Dak Prescott from the Dallas Mavericks has gone nowhere fast, and it is becoming more likely to fail as the Cowboys face the inevitable.

With the Mavericks having been unable to land Prescott in the past two weeks, the Cowboys and their owners, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban, have been looking for a replacement.

Prescott has made just three of his nine starts in 2017, with two of those losses coming to the Cowboys in Week 3 and Week 17, respectively.

Prescott’s injury woes have been exacerbated by his poor offensive line play, which has left him struggling to complete passes.

His play has also suffered when Dallas’ defense has been unable or unwilling to stop Prescott from scoring touchdowns.

Prescott could help a Cowboys team that is on the cusp of a playoff berth but is also in need of a quarterback in 2017.

“I think Dak would be a perfect fit for this team, and I think this team could be a little different without him,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

“We need to get better and get better at this, and there’s a lot of questions there.”

The Cowboys and Prescott have been trying to find a way to work out a trade for Prescott.

While Dallas could acquire a backup quarterback in the draft or through free agency, the team has opted not to pursue such a move.

“It’s a very competitive environment, so it’s very difficult for me to see any team come in and give us a chance to go to the Super Bowl and win the championship,” said Garrett.

Prescott and the Cowboys have been working on a deal since July, when Dallas acquired Prescott from Washington for a conditional first-round pick.

After that deal fell through, the teams traded a pair of second-round picks to acquire DeMarcus Ware and Corey Coleman in the offseason.

Prescott made a total of eight starts in the 2016 season for Dallas, posting a 3-7 record and 2.77 yards per attempt.

Prescott is a former first-rounder who had never played in the NFL prior to his draft day in 2016.

He struggled during his rookie season after suffering a broken ankle and ACL injuries.

Prescott was placed on injured reserve in 2017 and spent the rest of the season on the PUP list.

Prescott had two starts in 2018, when the Cowboys lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14 and lost to Green Bay in Week 17.

Prescott played through his injury the next two seasons and was named a first-team All-Pro in 2019.

Prescott spent the past five seasons in the league with the Dallas franchise that once boasted the NFL’s first-ever 100-win season in 2011.

Prescott missed the last eight games of last season because of an ankle injury, but returned for the postseason after missing six games with a broken collarbone.

Prescott won’t play for the Cowboys until they play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday in the Cowboys’ final game of the regular season.