When will U.S. foreign exchange rates rise?

U.K. officials are calling for a sharp rise in U.N. and international currencies amid rising geopolitical tensions.

But a currency report released Thursday by the International Monetary Fund predicts global economic growth will slow in 2017 and 2018.

The U.P.F. forecast that inflation will rise to 5 percent this year, but it also said that growth will pick up gradually as the United States and China continue to hold the reins of global economic policy.

The IMF forecast a modest 1 percent increase in inflation for the year ending in December, down from the 3 percent it had earlier this year.

The currency is the mainstay of global trade and has helped boost U.B.J. exports to China.

The IMF has been tracking the U.U.S.-China trade relationship since 2006.

The report said U.W. inflation, the central component of the IMF’s inflation forecast, rose slightly last year.

But inflation is expected to rise again this year because of higher oil prices and weaker global demand.

The United Kingdom has the largest economy in Europe and the U,S.

has a larger economy than Russia.

The report predicted that U.H.W.’s growth rate would be 1.7 percent this decade.

The British pound dropped nearly 1 percent to $1.2095 as the report was released.