Fidelis Foreign Exchange Job Hunting: Job Search, Interviews, Interviewing, Hiring

Posted July 25, 2018 14:22:56 With the world economy in flux and investors clamoring for more safe haven assets to hold on to, there’s a growing need for a new type of foreign exchange job searching tool to find the next big moneymaker.

Fidelis has just announced a new job search tool that they hope will help them to help foreign exchange employees search for the right jobs.

“We want to offer foreign exchange and other investment opportunities to foreign exchange workers who are looking for new opportunities,” said Alex Valls, CEO of Fidelis.

A foreign exchange recruiter will contact you and ask you a series of questions about your company, where you work, what you do and more.

Then, you’ll be asked to answer some more questions about yourself to gain an understanding of your strengths and what it would take to get the best foreign exchange jobs available.

The recruiter can then go out and look for you with a variety of opportunities to gain experience in your industry.

The job seeker will receive an email from the recruiter detailing the opportunities and how to apply.

For more information on foreign exchange recruiting and job search, visit the Fidelis website: