Foreign exchange kiosks are going up in the Philippines: Report

In a move that would likely come as a surprise to many Filipinos, foreign exchange kiosking is coming to the Philippines.

The move comes after a Philippine National Police officer allegedly punched a woman during a domestic dispute in a Manila suburb on January 3.

The woman reportedly filed a police complaint, saying the officer hit her on the face with his fist after she punched him.

She said the officer also kicked her in the head after she refused to stop kicking him in the face.

The incident led to a riot, which saw police shooting and killing three suspects and killing another.

According to police, the man was allegedly trying to flee with his wife and two children, when he was confronted by a suspect who had been arrested earlier in the day.

After the confrontation, the woman told the suspect to leave her alone, and when he refused to leave, the suspect allegedly struck her on her head with a closed fist.

She then ran away with her children.

The man was reportedly hospitalized with a head injury.

According the Philippine Daily Inquirer, police officers who were present at the scene said the woman was not resisting the officer’s efforts to stop her.

The officer allegedly then allegedly punched the woman in the jaw, prompting her to fall to the ground.

Police later apprehended the man and took him to the hospital, where he was treated for injuries to his face and mouth.