When will we see the end of the foreign exchange shockwave?

By Ben GeddesRead more”I can only think of the impact it had on people’s lives, their families, and the country’s finances,” said Ms Jones.

“They lost money that they had invested and it was very stressful.”

She said it could also be difficult for businesses to attract people who had a “soft spot” for foreign currency.

“I think people in business and finance really miss the currency shock of the last 10 years and the impact that it has had on the economy,” she said.

“People may not have the same confidence in the UK dollar that they have in the US dollar.”

But it was the economy, Ms Jones said, that had the biggest impact on the value of the pound.

“It’s a really significant blow to the economy and the pound has been hammered quite hard,” she explained.

“We have lost a lot of our purchasing power in the past 10 years.”

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