How to watch and buy the FOMC meeting in real time

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is scheduled to meet at 2 p.m.

EDT on Wednesday to begin its weekly meeting, and its first meeting since President Donald Trump took office.

The committee has been meeting in secret for nearly two weeks, and has only released its minutes of its March meeting on Thursday.

This week, the committee is scheduled meet with the governor of New York, New Jersey, and the mayor of Philadelphia.

The president has said he intends to nominate Fed Chair Janet Yellen to succeed former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, and is considering a slate of nominees for the next chair.

Yellen has been widely criticized for the lack of any real change in the Fed’s policies since the last time she was nominated.

A committee meeting on Tuesday could be a sign of when she may be nominated for the job.

The Fed has faced multiple crises over the past few years, most notably the financial crisis, the housing crisis, and a global recession.

The Fed has also struggled with inflation, which has risen rapidly and has caused unemployment and economic uncertainty.

The financial crisis has also had a negative impact on the economy.

A statement issued by the Fed on Monday said the central bank will be “reviewing its position” on the current economic environment and will be open to “substantial changes in policy.”

The statement continued, “It is our expectation that, given the current macroeconomic environment, we will have more to say about the outlook for the economy, the outlook of inflation, and risks associated with those outcomes.”

The Fed did not give an estimate for when it will release its next meeting minutes.