Fox Sports reporter who broke the foreign exchange story on a U.S. currency trader says he was told to stop saying it

FOX Sports reporter John Koehn said he was warned that he would be fired if he reported on a currency trader at the center of a scandal that led to a major overhaul of U.K. exchange rates.

Koehm, the host of the “Fox and Friends” show, told CNNMoney on Friday that he was called to the offices of Barclays Bank and asked to stop reporting the exchange rate story in the newsroom.

The story was being told by the exchange rates department and he said he didn’t think it was appropriate, Koehrm said.

He said he did not hear back from the bank after that.

A spokeswoman for Barclays said it was not aware of Koehlh’s actions, and that it had no comment on the matter.

Koeshn has previously written about a major currency exchange rate overhaul, which was halted after news broke that traders were manipulating the market.

He also wrote about a currency exchange that was suspended in the U.C.L.U.P. after the U!

of Ireland had a dispute with a British government over currency manipulation.

“They’re basically telling me, ‘Don’t report this story because the information is out there,’ ” Koehne told CNN.

“The problem is that I reported the story.

I was asked to, and I was told, to stop.

I’m not a journalist.

It’s a bit like being on the ’60s sitcom ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen,’ in that way.” “

This was a company that was not very well known.

It’s a bit like being on the ’60s sitcom ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen,’ in that way.”

Koehs’ story prompted a major restructuring of the London currency market in 2008, with traders trading at a rate that was nearly 4,000% higher than the U,C.

and U!ofIreland, according to Reuters.

The U. of Ireland demanded the British government intervene to stop the market from collapsing.


Treasury Secretary John Cridland said in a statement on Friday the bank would investigate Koe hne’s allegations, and Koekhn said he had no evidence of wrongdoing.

“I can’t say anything other than what I’ve said before,” Koehin said.

“As I have said, I don�t want to comment on any matters that have not been made public yet.”

The exchange rate crisis also led to the creation of the Financial Services Authority, which now oversees U.k. banks and oversees the banks’ foreign exchange activities.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends” Friday, Koesh said he would report on the bank’s dealings with the U&A and was told he would not be promoted.

“You guys said they were going to fire me for this, but they’re not going to, so why would I report it?”

Koeshin said, according for a clip on his Twitter account.

“But I think if I report that, I’ll be fired.”