Foreign exchange liquidity for U.S. equities in January 2017

U.K. markets closed at 3 p.m.

ET, and U.C.B.I. agents checked into a U.N. compound in New York.

The U.R.S.-issued dollar fell as much as 0.2 per cent to 96.5 pence.

Canadian dollar futures tumbled 0.3 per cent, the S&P 500 index slid 0.1 per cent and the Nasdaq composite dropped 1.2% in a session of the benchmark U.H. index.

The dollar’s strength was largely due to U.A.E. demand for dollars following a sharp sell-off in the euro zone, which has led to a fall in global inflation.

But it also reflects the weak U.B., which was hit hard by the global financial crisis and has struggled to generate demand from overseas investors.

The currency index in London dropped as much to 95.5 from 96.2 on Monday.

The U.Y.C.-based CME Group Inc. said Tuesday it will launch a U-turn-based on a broader review of its trading activities following a report that its traders were making “unprecedented” trades in U.L.G.E.-linked currencies.

The trading halt comes as a U