The MSE Foreign Exchange Desk’s New Headlines

MSE has made an adjustment to its headline, adding “Foreign exchange traders” to its headlines.

The news comes after MSE recently announced that it would close its MSE Global Exchange at the end of the month.

MSE Global has a long history of volatility in the currency markets, and last month the bank said it was preparing to close the exchange for good.

It said it planned to shutter the MSE’s main London-based exchange, which operates through London-listed Barclays, by March 1.

The MSE said it is taking the steps necessary to address any risks related to MSE.

“We have a range of solutions in place, including a full-blown review of our foreign exchange trading operations, as well as the implementation of a robust and integrated approach to managing our capital markets, as we look to the future,” MSE chief executive Mark Johnson said in a statement.

Johnson added that MSE will begin taking steps to ensure that its trading operations remain safe.

At a news conference Monday, Johnson told reporters that the Mse is reviewing the risks of the global market and will make recommendations on how to better manage the risks in the financial markets.

He added that the bank will not close its London-registered exchange until the end, as is the case in most other international markets.

The Mse’s London-owned exchange has been closed for more than a year, and the bank is currently in talks with regulators over how to move forward.

Johnson told Reuters that he expected the bank to re-open its London exchange as soon as possible.

Earlier this year, Johnson said that Mse was “actively evaluating all of our options” to ensure its trading system remains secure.

(Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by David Stamp)