The New York Stock Exchange is no longer a foreign exchange market

New York State’s state exchange is no more.

The NYSE is no different than a stock exchange, a state securities commission spokeswoman told Reuters.

The New York City-based exchange, which was a division of the NYSE Group until March 2019, was shut down in February by state regulators in the wake of a fraud scandal that has rocked the New York market.

Reuters is not publishing any details of the new NYSE.

The new NYSEC will oversee foreign exchange transactions and markets in the state, including in New York.

It was not immediately clear when the NYSEX will reopen.

A spokesman for the New Jersey exchange did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Securities and Exchange Commission declined to comment on whether the NYSEC has jurisdiction over the NYSTX, which is based in New Jersey.

The US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) oversees foreign exchange trading for the United States Securities and Loan Corporation, the parent company of the New America Foundation.

It is not clear if the NYSPX is part of the SEC’s jurisdiction, a spokesman for New York’s state agency, the New Albany Securities Commission, said.

New York’s exchange, founded in 1891, was among the largest and most successful in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The exchange, one of the nation’s largest, was closed by the state in January 2019 amid allegations of fraud involving $20 million in foreign exchange trades that were allegedly made on behalf of the Cayman Islands.

The allegations involved trading in currencies in exchange for real estate and a yacht in Bermuda.

Reuters was unable to contact the NYSEA to confirm the New Zealand Securities Commission has jurisdiction.

The SEC has jurisdiction in New Zealand because of the country’s law that makes it a member state of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to a website that lists the OECD.OECD member states are required to monitor foreign exchanges.

The regulator has been conducting a probe into the New England exchange.

The latest news about the New New York exchange comes as the US Securities Commission prepares to take over oversight of the exchange.

On Tuesday, the SEC said it is preparing to take control of the entire NYSE from New York in the event of an emergency.

The agency has been reviewing the New South Wales exchange for months.

It is the only exchange that was closed in New South Australia, where the New Yorker’s headquarters are located.

Reuters previously reported that the NYSLX was the second-largest foreign exchange exchange market in the US and that the US Treasury Department has proposed that the SEC take over the entire New York Exchange.US securities regulators have already stepped in to close other markets and regulate foreign exchange markets around the world after the collapse of the Hong Kong exchange.