Japanese restaurant chain Yum-Yum offers ‘free’ meal if you order two dishes with two friends

Japanese restaurants and bars are offering free meals to diners who order two of their favorites.

Yum Yum, which opened in Tokyo in 2013, has about 70 locations in Japan, as well as other countries in Asia.

“Yum-yum,” as the restaurants are called, has been offering free meal plans since April.

The menu includes three dishes per person: rice balls, eggplant and salad.

The restaurants also offer “free” meals for customers with a Japanese credit card.

“We hope customers will come here to order food and drink and enjoy it,” said the company’s head chef, Kiyoshi Fujimoto.

“But we also hope they will come and enjoy the food and the drinks too.”

The company is asking customers to order a dish that will be available on their next visit.

“If you have two people, you can order two meals for two people,” Fujimoto said.

“The first person comes first, so if they order the rice balls with rice, they will have rice balls.”

The restaurant is also offering a “two-course meal plan” that includes an entree of eggplant, and two entrees of shrimp, pork belly, sashimi, pork and chicken.

If you order four meals, it will be two courses.

The “special order” option is available for a fee of about $50.

Yumiya, which serves lunch and dinner at its three locations in Tokyo, has offered similar “special” meal plans for a year.

“It’s a great way to give people a free meal,” said Yasushi Takada, a manager at Yumiyas restaurant in Yokohama, Japan.

“People who are looking for something special and want a free food order will find it here.”